Episode #19 – APS beyond Canberra: The regional experience

Although Canberra serves as the vibrant heart of the Australian public service (APS), a number of government agencies are based in regions beyond this central hub.

In this episode, we delve into the unique experiences of those working within the APS in these regional areas. Join us as we engage with three guests from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), based in Armidale, NSW. They will shed light on their journey through the APVMA’s graduate program, and their subsequent roles within the agency.

In our first segment, you will hear insights from Merinda Purcell, Risk Manager at Permits, APVMA, and Erin Boatswain, an Assistant Director (a/g) at Chemical Reviews, APVMA. Tune in to their stories, as they recount the journey from the dynamic urban life in Canberra and Sydney to the tranquil confines of Armidale.

Our second segment features Natalie Gosper, Manager at the Adverse Experience Reporting Program, APVMA, who shares her stories, highlighting the transition from the smaller town of Parkes, NSW, to Armidale.

Listen to Merinda, Erin, and Natalie as they talk about their respective roles at the APVMA, their experiences before and after relocating, motivations for joining APVMA, and experiences in the graduate program. They also offer perspectives on the decentralisation of the APS and its potential implications for the future of the public service.


Merinda Purcell photo

Merinda Purcell

Risk Manager, Permits, APVMA

Erin Boatswain

Assistant Director (a/g), Chemical Reviews, APVMA

Natalie Gosper

Manager, Adverse Experience Reporting Program, APVMA