Episode #20 – Understanding fraud and risk as an APS grad

Understanding risk and fraud is a critical part of working as a graduate in agencies that handle customers’ private information. Fraudsters can employ scams targeting both customers and agency personnel through various tactics such as cunning emails to deceptive phone calls and text messages.

In this episode of Gradcast, hosted by former Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC) graduate Callum Irving, Myo Myat Htin Aung, a current graduate at the CSC shares insights from his rotation in the CSC Risk team, shedding light on the critical role risk and fraud awareness play in agencies handling customers’ private information.

Listen as Myo delves into key concepts he learned during his rotation, such as the three lines of defence model and the fraud triangle. He also discusses recent high-profile data breaches such as Medibank and Optus breaches that broke the news in recent years, and how they impacted CSC’s understanding of fraud and risk. Stay tuned as Myo reveals the red flags that professionals in similar positions should be vigilant about and highlights the various measures CSC has implemented to protect itself against fraud and risk.

Tune in now to equip yourself with essential knowledge and insights to stay ahead in the constant battle against fraudsters.

Behind the scenes: