Episode #21 – Landing a Job: APS Graduate Interviews 101

From application to interview, the APS graduate program selection process is extensive, and it can be quite overwhelming. What should you say during the interview? How can you prepare? And, most crucially, how do you stand out?

In today’s episode, we’re taking a step back in time. We’re revisiting a memorable segment from last year that provided our listeners with valuable tips on how to excel in job interviews, with a special focus on those designed for APS graduate programs.

During our first segment, we’ll hear Season 1 co-host Krishna Shukla’s discussion with Lisa Tozer, also known as ‘The Interview Coach’. Lisa shares invaluable tips for interview preparation, weaving in her own experiences and observations. She also delves deep into the reasons why behavioural questions have become such a prevalent and significant part of modern interview techniques.

But that’s not all. To provide a tangible and relatable perspective on the APS Graduate program interview experience, we’ve invited two guests who’ve walked that path. We are joined by Nidhi Yogi, a former Policy and Corporate Graduate from the Department of Defence, and Caitlin Sandercock, who was at the time serving as a Grants Officer at the Department of Industry, Science, Energy, and Resources. They will share their journeys, the challenges they faced, and the strategies they employed to secure their positions.