Episode #17 – Special Edition: Interview with bri_jean198

In this special edition of Gradcast, our host Callum Irving interviews one of Canberra’s favourite internet personalities ‘bri_jean198’ aka Brianna Williams.

Bri used to work as a recruitment admin in the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development before she became a TikTok sensation with over 22K followers creating entertaining videos about Canberra and working in the APS. She is currently a real estate agent for LJ Hooker, where her job is to sell property in Canberra.

Their conversation covers a range of topics such as:

  • How Bri became a TikTok sensation
  • Advice for those applying for the APS graduate program
  • Working in the APS as a neurodiverse person
  • Advice for house hunting in Canberra
  • ‘5 Voices’ personalities in the workplace

Don’t miss the rapid questions segment where Callum challenges Bri to answer as many questions as possible in 2 minutes!

Check out Bri’s social channels here:

Behind the scenes: