Episode 5 banner. Title - Communication in the workplace: Engaging with managers and colleagues

Episode #05 – Communication in the workplace: Engaging with managers and colleagues

Did you know that everyone falls under one of four communication styles? Find out which one are you.

Workplace communication style, or social style, varies from person to person. From your communication with your manager to your colleague and your approach to information gathering to delegating work is a result of your style. But how do you know what is your style?

In this episode, Ellen Piper, Tracom Social Style & Versatility Instructor, shares tips to determine your style and observe your team members’ styles. You can use this information to moderate your work behaviour with the team and leverage your strengths. Ellen shares resources for aspiring APS Graduates, reflecting on her experience in designing the first Graduate Program of Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC).

Tension is ever-present, but how do you mitigate it? Thomas Cullen, Graduate at the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, shares his experience. From working in the new normal to managing rotations, Tom shares stories from his Graduate role to help you plan better for yours.

3 things learnt:

  1. The four workplace communication styles (or Social Styles)
  2. Departments’ approach to working in the new normal
  3. Managing team expectations and tension

Ellen Piper joining Krishna and Callum at the studio

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