Episode #04 – Transferable Skills: Learning from everywhere and anywhere

What skills can you bring from sports and volunteering to work? From being a better leader, team player and resilient, life outside work teaches us transferable skills. These extracurricular activities, though look simple at the first glance, contribute significantly to making you stand out during your APS Graduate applications and interviews.

In this episode, Callum chats with National Basketball player and coach, Cal Bruton. From being an NBL Champion to coaching kids and leaders, Cal believes sports make you a better leader and resilient in life. 

Volunteering with not-for-profit organisations and being part of student bodies make your life outside work more fruitful. But how do you go about finding these opportunities and managing your time? Krishna listens to the first-hand experiences of Cynthia Feng, Data Analyst at the Australian Department of Health, and Heshan Inamaluwa, Graduate Officer at the Parliamentary Budget Office.

Cynthia and Heshan are also part of the Graduate Data Network. The Graduate Data Network (GDN) empowers graduates to advocate for better data use, analysis, and capability across the Australian Public Service (APS). 

3 things learnt:

  • How extracurricular activities can help you land an APS graduate role
  • How sport can improve your work
  • Tips for finding volunteer work and managing your time