Gradcast Episode 6 - Why be a public sevant

Episode #06 – Why be a public servant

Are you confused between a career in the public or private sector? Looking for insights on the sector to make your decision? Listen to this special episode of Gradcast, in collaboration with the Future Leaders’ Program of the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA)

We are halfway through Season 1, and we wanted to switch things up. This episode is about a debate between the Public and Private sectors, we answer the question a lot of students in their final year at university are asking ‘Why be a public servant?’

Talking about the perks of working in the Australian Public Service, we have Megan Aponte-Payne from the Office of Supply Chain Resilience at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Making his case for working in the private sector, we are joined by Tim Taylor, Manager at KPMG in their Technology Risk Practice. Megan and Tim are part of the Future Leaders Committee at IPAA.

Your guide through this discussion is career coach, Tim Crowden. Tim reflects on the discussion and provides further guidance to final-year university students and others who are deciding on their career paths. Tim also shares resources and exercises to help make career development decisions.   

3 things learnt:

  • Perks of working in the Australian Public Service
  • Perks of working in the private sector
  • Role of a career coach in your professional development
Megan and Tim in the recording studio
Megan and Tim discussing with Gradcast producer, Andrew Bell
Tim Crowden from the recording studio
Tim Crowden discussing with co-hosts Krishna and Callum