Episode 3 Topic - Landing a Job. Guests in the episode Lisa Tozer, Nidhi Yogi and Catilin Sandercock

Episode #03 – Landing a job: APS Graduate Interviews 101

The recruitment for the 2023 Australian Public Service (APS) Graduate Programs are underway. From applications to interviews, it is a long and overwhelming process. What should I say in the interview? How do I prepare? And most importantly, how do you stand out?

In this episode, Krishna Shukla interview Lisa Tozer, The Interview Coach. Lisa talks about tips for preparing for an interview and insights on why behavioural questions are common in interviews. 

To share first-hand experience of going through an APS Graduate program interview, we also have  Nidhi Yogi and Caitlin Sandercock. Nidhi is a Policy and Corporate Graduate from the Department of Defence, and Caitlin is a Grants Officer from the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.

Callum, co-host of Gradcast, is out and about in the field. Last Month, IPAA ACT gave us an opportunity to interview ex-grads on their experience and aspirations. We bring to you exclusive interviews with ex-graduates from the recently concluded Graduate Data Forum by the Graduate Data Network organised on the 15
th of March 2022. 

3 things learnt:

  •  Tips to prepare for interviews
  • What to expect when you join as an APS Graduate
  • How to use the STAR method effectively

Episode Partners:

Institute of Public Administration Australia, ACT Chapter