Climbing the APS Ladder as a First Nation Graduate with Tarran Backhus

Mini Episode – Climbing the APS Ladder as a First Nation Graduate

Do you identify yourself as part of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community? Are you an APS Graduate looking to climb the APS ladder? In this episode, we will listen to the exceptional career of Tarran Backhus, Indigenous Liaison Officer and Diversity Team Leader at the Department of Finance.

Listen to Tarran, a Wiradjuri woman, who started her career in the APS as a Graduate of the Department of Health in 2014. Over the 8 years in the APS, she has worked with three different federal Departments in human resources and policy teams. Outside of work, she is a Business Manager for Gillawara Arts and the Chair of Hockey ACT’s Reconciliation Advisory Committee.  Tarran shares her experience of being a First Nations woman in the APS, her different roles in the APS, and her scheduling skills to create a work-life balance.

3 things learnt:

  1. Climbing the APS ladder
  2. Programs and policies for First Nations People in the APS
  3. Managing extracurricular commitments
Tarran Backhus in conversation with Callum
Callum in conversation with Tarran in studio-19 of contentgroup
Tarran and Callum in the studio
Callum and Tarran reviewing their notes before the recording