Episode #16 – Starting life as an APS grad

The 2023 cohort of graduates in the Australian Public Service has now started their first rotation. 

In this episode, we hear stories about what happens after you accept your graduate program offer and the start of your journey as an APS graduate. Our guest for this episode is Tom Dobrochodow, who is Callum’s fellow Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC) grad alumni and work bestie. Both Tom and Callum have experienced starting an APS graduate program firsthand when they began theirs at CSC at the start of 2022.

Tom’s start to the grad program was full of surprises. He had to move from Melbourne to Canberra just four days before the program’s start and was then told to work from home due to the pandemic restrictions. Despite the challenges, Tom has persevered and is now working in the Relationship Management department at CSC.

You will also hear from a couple of new graduates from CSC who share their experiences and discuss the resources that helped them when applying for the graduate program.

Stick around till the end of the episode for a new segment on Gradcast – Fun Facts about the Australian Public Service (FFATAPS). You will hear facts like: what were the original departments of the APS when it was established?, and what percentage of the APS workforce are graduates? Listen now to find out!

Discussed in this episode:

  • Moving to Canberra for a graduate program
  • Non-traditional pathways into the APS
  • Resources to help you in your application process

Behind the scenes: