Episode #15 – Season 2 is here!

Are you starting your APS Graduate program this year, or have you just completed it?

Gradcast is the perfect resource for you to make the most out of your experience. Our podcast features tips, advice and real-life stories to help you navigate the APS Graduate Program and beyond.

As part of the grad experience, the year after your grad program is just as important. Host Callum Irving, who has just completed his own grad year, will share his experiences, and provide relatable insights for those who have recently completed their program.

In this episode, Callum will introduce you to Gradcast and how it can benefit you. We’ll then start our conversations with graduates, employers, and senior professionals in the Australian Public Service from our next episode.

In addition to revisiting important topics such as APS Graduate Program applications, interview preparation, and engaging with your managers, Season 2 will cover new topics that are relevant to the everyday life of an APS graduate and feature exciting new guests AND guest hosts.

Season 2 will be more than just a podcast. We’ve recently launched our TikTok page where we post humorous skits, behind-the-scenes, key insights, and more. You can stay updated with the latest from Gradcast on our Instagram page and find additional resources on our LinkedIn page that are essential for your pre-grad, grad, or post-grad year.

Let Gradcast guide you through your journey in the world of the Australian Public Service with our expert tips, advice, and real-life stories.

Behind the scenes: