Episode 9 - Mental health and wellbeing of APS Graduates

Episode #09 – Mental Health and wellbeing of APS Graduates

At times, APS Graduate programs can be a lot to take on. Especially for fresh university graduates – getting acquainted to a working environment, working with a team, meeting deadlines and even moving cities may impact their physical and mental health. What can we do about it? And what is the APSC doing about it?

This is a special episode. In this episode, we continue our conversation on mental health focusing on the R U Ok? Day on the 8th of September and the World Suicide Prevention Day on the 10th of September.

In this episode, we are joined by Sam Junor, the Framework Implementation Lead at the APS Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Unit. Sam shares her personal and professional journey including the ups and downs in her own mental health while settling into the graduate program. Sam advices to indulge in activities outside of work like pub trivia and walks near the lake. Sounds like creative and easy tips, don’t they?


Sam talks about her passion for mental health reflecting on her experience as an APS Graduate and managing graduate programs. Importantly, she walks us through the Mental Health Framework being implemented across different departments and agencies to develop literacy, capability and expertise in mental health and suicide prevention. 

3 things learnt: